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As above, so below

Each of us are connected. There is subtle energy within everything that binds and unites us together. The alchemy
of plants are connected to the planets.


Plants seen from an astrological perspective show us how zodiac signs and plants are connected.

People, plants, planets and the constellations are made of the same Elements: fire, earth, air and water and Energies: hot/dry, hot/moist, cold/dry, cold/moist.

How I connect the cosmos to skincare


When it comes to plants, each planet has a unique connection.


Venus governs love. Some of the plants associated with
Venus are rose, bergamot, geranium. By using the plants
connected to Venus, it allows me to intentionally deliver 
product to you that helps facilitate love.

The Sun is connected to our ego, vitality and courage. 
Frankincense, Calendula, Sunflower and St. Johns Wort
are all connected to the energy of the sun.


By incorporating the these herbs into skincare, we help to balance and support the energies within our own bodies.

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