2021 is the year of Skinimalism.

Updated: Mar 28

It's no doubt this past year has changed how we do things on so many levels. I think it is ok to shift and adjust. It may feel uncomfortable at the time but it all has the potential to lead towards greater growth and more self-love. This was true for me with wearing makeup. I have ALWAYS worn makeup. And it's not that I didn't like to. I like wearing makeup but I would put on makeup for every little thing. Running to the post office? I better put on makeup. Grocery store? Makeup. It was how I was raised and presented myself to the world. It also consumed a lot of extra time and energy and looking back, feels unnecessary. I started to embrace a bare-skinned face. An all natural approach. Less is more and this is who I am. Wrapped within in this is me accepting who I am fully. Embracing myself in this vulnera