2021 is the year of Skinimalism.

Updated: Mar 28

It's no doubt this past year has changed how we do things on so many levels. I think it is ok to shift and adjust. It may feel uncomfortable at the time but it all has the potential to lead towards greater growth and more self-love. This was true for me with wearing makeup. I have ALWAYS worn makeup. And it's not that I didn't like to. I like wearing makeup but I would put on makeup for every little thing. Running to the post office? I better put on makeup. Grocery store? Makeup. It was how I was raised and presented myself to the world. It also consumed a lot of extra time and energy and looking back, feels unnecessary. I started to embrace a bare-skinned face. An all natural approach. Less is more and this is who I am. Wrapped within in this is me accepting who I am fully. Embracing myself in this vulnerable state. Because this past year had this effect on so many, as consumers we've begun to seek easier beauty routines.

This has always been my approach with Luminous Rose. I personally want a skin regimen that is approachable and effortless— with great results. 2021 is the year of Skinimalism: a yearning for pared down beauty. Beauty industries predict we are looking more towards self-care and are taking time to enjoy slow beauty, looking to enhance a fresh, natural look. My goal is to help you streamline your regimen and discover clean products that contain natural ingredients. My recommendations will help you achieve luminous skin with little effort. Small steps really can lead to big results. The base of a fresh, simple routine is cleansing your skin in the evening and applying a cream, serum or balm. For added results, utilizing exfoliants, masques, specialized serums and eye treatments to target specific needs can complete your skin care routine. And none of this has to feel overwhelming. Please email me if you are wondering where to begin. I offer custom guidance that cater to your unique skin. My goal and the core of why I do this is to help you achieve beautiful skin.

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