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3-in-1 Miracle Hair Treatment

Introducing a Mystical Elixir for Hair: A sacred oil blend,

this magical tonic – a blend of oils infused with Turkey Tail mushroom essence – has the power to transform even the driest locks. It breathes life back into distressed hair, replenishing it with moisture and offering restructuring properties that turn hair into pure elegance.


Heavenly Ojon Oil is a revitalizing solution for damaged hair. This alchemy is one of the most effective oils for hair growth, adding volume and taming frizz, making it one of the most beneficial hair oils in the market.

This Miracle Hair Protection Treatment will safeguard your hair from heat damage caused by styling products. This formula works wonders by locking in moisture while providing a protective heat barrier.


Don't wait any longer to try this miraculous treatment – let it work its magic on your hair today!

3-in-1 Miracle Hair Treatment

  • As a pre-treatment hair mask: On dry hair, depending on hair length, work in 2-3 pumps of product. Let treatment sit for 30 min up to 2 hours.

    As a hair conditioner: After shampooing, work in hair treatment on ends to help seal and protect cuticle. You can supplement with another conditioner, working over the treatment product.

    As a hair styler: On damp hair, work in a small amount of product, blow dry and style as usual. On dry hair, using a small amount, piece thru sections of hair.

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