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My name is Maria.


I love Astrology and following my heart. I believe the cosmos and plants are intimately connected.

I was raised on a small Farm in Southwest Wisconsin. With this, I learned how to grow and create. My upbringing allowed me to connect with nature. Throughout the years plants have become an ally~ a friend whose vibration resonates deeply with me. I grew up learning how to grow vegetables and preserve their nutrition at their peak. To this day I still honor this tradition. We grow all of our food. I save seeds each year and plant them back into the Earth. I forage herbs and roots and make them into tinctures~ the ultimate plant medicine. This is how I connect with the plants on our Farm.

My Love of Plants runs Deep.


I have always loved nature and the gifts that are within that realm. Herbs and plant medicine are a huge part of my daily life. For years I have studied herbs and how they are beneficial for skin and hair health, along with overall wellness.

Our Farm.


My husband and I currently live on a small farm outside of Madison, Wisconsin. Our 1910 homestead provides a sanctuary for us to honor and appreciate the Earth around us. We feel a tremendous duty to preserve this land for generations to come. In our free time, we adopt and care for senior dogs that have had less fortunate upbringings. We have roosters and chickens and lots of herb gardens. In the summer we host yoga and meditation events on our property and in our barn. I love connecting people with nature.
Thank you for visiting my website.

It is a great honor to have you be a part of my inner circle

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