"I wore makeup daily, religiously, and wouldn’t leave the house without it until March of this year. I ordered more [Luminous Rose] products and can say that I haven’t touched makeup in several months. I’m SO pleased with my skin now. Thank you so so much for your wonderful products." - Sara

"This is by far my favorite product I’ve used! Silky smooth, helps with my aging dry skin. I use it at night and can’t wait to put it on. Doesn’t cause me
breakouts which I struggled with. Great product!" - Sarah

“Knowing that the products are handmade, using some ingredients that are grown & harvested right on site is a HUGE appeal for me! The Shea + Rose Face Cream and Rose Gold Facial Serum have the loveliest smell and feeling when applied!”
- Laurie

“I’ve only used the face cleanser & moisturizer for a week,
my skin is so much softer. I’m 70 years old & I’m so impressed with the
effect of softness & how well it soaks into my skin. 
Yay!” - Jean

“The face cream and the face wash are absolutely FANTASTIC.
I have struggled with mild acne-prone, oily skin with patches
that are very dry and flaky for years now and I have never
found anything that really works.. until now!” - Katie




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