The Luminous Rose Mission


My Mission is to change the way we think about beauty products. We focus on the health effects of what we ingest but neglect the health effects of what we put on our body. I formulate in my belief that we must seek Fresh Beauty just as we seek Fresh Food. Our skin is the largest organ we have, so we must treat our external body as we treat our internal body. 

Fresh Beauty is the process of consciously formulating a product utilizing natural ingredients and a truly natural preservation system. The result is Luminous Rose.

Why choose Luminous Rose?


With Luminous Rose, I have created Wildcrafted Elegance that delivers visible results. Years training in Herbs, Natural Cosmetic Preservation, Organic Skin Care Science, Organic Hair Care Formulation and Crystals have allowed me to combine my love for the Earth and creating effective beauty products. 

Healing herbs, holistic botanicals, rich butters, therapeutic essential oils and mindful intention are infused into my formulations. Who better to help solve our body’s problems than Mother Nature.

Nature not only provides the ingredients but also the inspiration for much of my formulating.
A fusion of intuition and education is utilized in choosing these unique and beneficial ingredients.
I expertly formulate and personally test each product to guarantee you achieve luminous skin and hair. 

My personal ethics have driven me to formulate with ingredients that are ECOs and COSMOS-certified. This means the product is environmentally friendly while also respecting human health. 
Many ‘natural’ brands, large and small, use Phenoxyethanol. This ingredient is not approved for organic skin care. Other natural brands improperly preserve their products, allowing for potentially hazardous bacteria to grow. 

Transparency of ingredients is extremely important to me. With this, I comply with standards of the European Union (EU), which are much more stringent than the standards of the United States. This is very uncommon in the American beauty industry. I do this to ensure you know exactly what you are applying to your body. 

I create truly Fresh Beauty products that are natural, healthy and good for your body and soul. 

Meet your Formulator


My name is Maria. I grew up on a small farm in SW Wisconsin. With this, I learned how to grow and create most anything.
I have always loved nature and the gifts that are within that realm. Herbs and plant medicine are a huge part of my daily life. For years I have studied herbs and how they are beneficial for skin and hair health, along with overall wellness.

A life-long passion for nature and skin care led me to train for hundreds of hours in Herbs, Natural Cosmetic Preservation, Organic Skin Care Science, Organic Hair Care and Crystals. 

My hope is to change the way we think about our skin. Many of us are so focused on anti-aging, forgetting about the grace that resides within each of us. My goal is to help you enhance your beauty. We should feel beautiful at any age.  

Luminous Rose began with my love to create and connect with people. Creating natural skin care products for myself and close friends, has turned into an amazing business in which I am immensely grateful.

Everything I do is guided in my commitment to be your most trusted source for healthy skin and hair.