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Cleansing and Toning your Skin

Updated: Jan 9

Why toners are an important step in your skin care regimen.

1. Toning acts as the final cleansing step

After cleansing your skin, toners help to remove any leftover impurities on your skin. Toning helps to pull out everything from skin that your cleanser missed. Toners help your moisturizer or serum absorb into your skin more effectively.

2. Toning helps to re-balance pH levels

The barrier of your skin has a specific pH balance that it must maintain in order to stay its healthiest and clearest. Environmental stressors, excess oil production and other factors can throw off this balance, which can lead to dryness, acne or oiliness. Using a toner helps to restore balance.

Toners add extra hydration and beneficial plant extracts to skin

By using a natural and gentle toner, you are not only restoring pH, you are delivering an instant infusion of moisture and anti-inflammatory properties. The Facial Toners I developed are super moisturizing and can help add beneficial nutrients to skin. Using a toner allows skin to better absorb facial creams and serums, increasing the penetration into deeper layers of your epidermis. You are improving your skin’s ability to retain moisture.

How to use a Facial Toner

Toners should always follow cleansing. I find that the most efficient way to use a toner is to spray it (or dab) on a cotton pad, then gently sweep the cotton pad all over the face. Alternatively you can spritz the toner directly onto your face.

Toners help to pull out any impurities left on the skin after cleansing. They also help to balance the pH of your skin.

Follow this 3-step routine: cleanse, tone, moisturize. To learn more about the toners I formulate, click here.

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