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Face Creams, Serums and Balms

As my product line grows, along with my love of skincare, I thought it would be a great time to chat about the differences between Face Creams, Face Serums and Face Balms.

Each of the above mentioned items have beautiful benefits to overall skin appearance.

My Perfect Face Cream was the first product I created (it is also the most-loved!). This cream contains water, beneficial butters, oils and extracts to help sooth and improve skin texture. Because our bodies are made up of primarily water, a product that contains water allows a cream to be better absorbed in your skin. A product that contains water also contains a preservative. There is much controversy and misunderstanding about preservatives used in skin care products. The preservatives I use are ECOCERT and COSMOS approved. I will share a post on preservatives in a future post. I recommend using Face Creams morning and night after freshly washed skin.

Face Serums are made up of botanical oils that are suited for delicate facial skin. The blend of oils I use are a mix of moisturizing and ‘dry’ oils. The combination of using these 2 types of oils allow for deep penetration and faster absorption. Some people are surprised when I recommend my Face Serum for acne prone skin. The blend I have created actually helps counter over-productive sebum– balancing inflamed skin. Most agree that you do not need a lot of this precious oil and it absorbs very quickly into your skin. I recommend using Face Serums morning and night after freshly washed skin.

The final product is my newest: a Face Balm. Face Balms contain no water. The base of this product are rich butters, oils and plant extracts. Balms are RICH in consistency and you rarely need to use a lot. I recommend applying Balms right after you wash your face, while your face is still damp or spritzing on a hydrosol before applying the balm. Again, water helps Balms better absorb into your skin. Balms mixed with the water on your skin will somewhat emulsify, making the Balm slightly creamier and more readily absorbable. Balms provide a nourishing protective layer to your skin and seal in your skincare for optimal results. So think of Balms as adding a protective layer to your skin. I recommend using Balms in the evening before bed.

And with all 3 products, I recommend, washing your face, spritzing with a hydrosol and then applying your preferred product: Cream, Serum or Balm. I use all 3 interchangeably.


My next blog post will be on the makeup products I use~ stay tuned!

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