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What does it mean to formulate to the European standard of beauty?

When I launched Luminous Rose, it was important that I produce a trusted product. Below are some of the guidelines I follow in order to create an honest product.

✅ Efficacy claims

Cosmetics companies regularly make claims in order to market their products. However, to protect consumers and to help them make informed decisions, cosmetics claims are governed by strict regulations in the EU. The same rule applies to cosmetics ingredients, especially natural ingredients, as they may have functional and active properties that cosmetics companies may use in their marketing materials.

In the US anyone can claim their product is “natural”. Cosmetic brands in the United States do not have to disclose all the ingredients. Many list the word ‘fragrance’ on packaging which can literally be anything.

Transparency is so important in how I formulate. What if someone has an allergic reaction to an ingredient and I fail to mention it?

My personal ethos have driven me to formulate honestly.


✅ Quality ingredients— never any synthetics

Over 1400 ingredients are banned in Europe. The United States has only 11 banned ingredients. This means it’s up to you to pay attention to what you buy – and what you don’t. My personal ethics have driven me to follow this high standard in how I formulate. My training taught me to comply with the strictest cosmetics legislation in the world. I spend countless hours researching hard to find ingredients that are safe in the products I formulate.

Formulating in this thoughtful way is showing respect to our health.


✅ Following the Dermal limit guidelines of essential oils

Each essential oil has different recommended usage rates depending on the body area to be used and whether it is a leave on or wash off product.

Our bodies are unique and individual. Even natural ingredients can, on rare occasions, cause a reaction. This can be the case with essential oils.

I comply with the guidelines set by the International Fragrance Association. My process for adding essential oils to my formulations involves the calculation of dermal limits and sensitizers of each oil. Never is this a mindless process.

Each essential oil is distinct in how it can react to our skin. Essential oils contain chemical compounds and can vary in how much can and should be added to lotions, creams and wash offs.

When used correctly, essential oils are among Mother Nature’s most potent remedies.


✅ Manufacturing according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

GMP ensures that my products are prepared in a clean environment and that the products are not contaminated in production. Microbial contamination can be quite common as many microorganisms live freely in the atmosphere around us.

Whenever I formulate cosmetics, I make sure the way I design, formulate, package, store and ship my products are done hygienically and responsibly. Surprisingly, GMP is not mandatory in the US.

My personal ethos have driven me to formulate to the standards of the European Union. My training and education follows the strict standards of this method of formulating an honest product.

The end result is a safe product that you can trust.

Are you ready to elevate your skin + hair? Learn more at Luminous Rose.

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