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What is a Solid Shampoo Bar?

When I am at a show, I am often asked, 'what is a Shampoo Bar?' So many are intrigued by these unique bars.

Concentrated cleansing action derived from plants~

A Shampoo Bar is not a bar of soap. To meet the specific needs of hair, it is important to choose the right ingredients. I take plant-based active ingredients and make a concentrated bar that will emulsify and activate with water. A bar of soap is entirely different than a Shampoo Bar. Soap is made from the saponification (lye) of oils. The result from a soap bar is a pH that is naturally high, between 9-10. A pH of 9-10 will damage hair. Your hair has a pH of around 4.

I formulate Shampoo Bars to match the pH of your hair~ the result is beautifully balanced nutrition for your hair. These shampoo bars impart shine and manageability.

Low waste, plant-based~

These solid Shampoo Bars are formulated with gentle, coconut derived cleansers, fortified with B vitamins, plant extracts and butters. Each Shampoo Bar is concentrated and equal to about an 18-24oz bottle of liquid shampoo. Most often you can expect to get 65-70 hair washings from one Shampoo Bar.

These Shampoo Bars are low waste and offer flexibility when traveling. Transport your Shampoo Bar in a plastic container for ease.

Are you ready to update your hair care routine? Find these products and more at Luminous Rose.

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