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You're too sensitive.

Throughout my life, I have been told this many times~ 'Maria, you're too sensitive. Get over it.' I would react to this. I would take it to heart and it would make me feel bad about who I was.

It evoked a lot of emotion.

It wasn’t until recently under the guidance of a great mentor who pointed out this same thing in her own life that I was able to shift my thinking.

What if my sensitivity is what makes me a great friend? What if my sensitivity is why I am able to open up my heart to care for elderly dogs and hold space for them right until the end? What if my sensitive heart is why I can stand in awe, every single time at the sight of a sunrise?

What if my sensitivity is what makes my business so unique? The fact that I can thoughtfully create a product with love and intention, having my customers needs in the forefront of creation?

What if my sensitivity is the backbone of my business. My super power. Allowing me to be compassionate about what I do and how I connect with you and the world around me?

What are some labels you have heard throughout your life? Labels that you may have thought were negative but are so uniquely you. What is your super power in this lifetime?

Embrace these unique aspects of yourself. These are your gifts.

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