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Citrine Abundance Bath Soak

A bath soak with ingredients to align ourselves with our true desires, we create an energetic field. This is manifesting abundance. The Citrine Crystal is the magnet for manifesting the abundance we seek. Abundant joy, abundant healthy, abundant love. 


Drop this citrine infused bath soak into the bath and let your energy blocks dissolve away.

Citrine Abundance Bath Soak

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  • Magnesium Sulfate (epsom) Salt, plant colorant, lemon essential oil, citrine energy infusion.

  • Uncork 

    Inhale the good vibes from the Amethyst soak 

    Pour crystal magic into the bath

    Relax every muscle of your body

    Be Weightless

    Float in the Amethyst Vibration of Intuition 

    4 oz.

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