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Divine Guardianship Incense + Protection Powder

Everything emits energy. It can be a thought or an intention. We can pick up these subtle energies. This powder helps eliminate negative energies from the space you occupy.


A blend of 10 magical herbs and resins reverenced by Venus and the Sun.


Venus offers protective guidance to valuing our self-worth and loving ourselves fully. Venus energy embodies the energy of the Divine Feminine: cultivating grace and beauty. When combined with plants of the Sun, like frankincense, you are made to shine your essence so pure and bright. Don't shy away from your power, you are worthy of it all.


This powder can be burned on a charcoal disk, sprinkled in shoes or on doorsteps.


Do not burn around pets or children. Do not ingest. External use only.

Divine Guardianship Incense + Protection Powder

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