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Rooted in
the Earth.

Guided by Science

Maria, founder + formulator

My Commitment

All Luminous Rose products are handmade in
small batches. I spend hours researching, creating and formulating each batch so that you get
the absolute best product. The end result is a beautifully Artisan product weaved with intention that comes directly from my heart to yours.

My Mission is to change the way we think about beauty products by focusing on the health effects of what we put on our body. I formulate in my belief that we must seek Healthy Skin Care.


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As an astrologer, I believe each person has a unique cosmic imprint that holds important insights into their personality.


Meet Your Formulator

Throughout the years plants have become an ally~ a friend whose vibration resonates deeply with me.


Produced in-House

100% of our products are formulated and created in-house~ an industry rarity!

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"I wore makeup daily, religiously, and wouldn’t leave the house without it. I ordered more [Luminous Rose] products and can say that I haven’t touched makeup in several months. I’m SO pleased with my skin now. Thank you so so
much for your wonderful products." - Sara

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