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Are You Layering Your Skin Care Routine In The Right Order?

Updated: Jan 9

Cleansers, serums, moisturizer, toner and facial oil – there are so many effective solutions to incorporate into a skin care regimen. With so many options, it can be confusing. I receive this email often: What’s the best order for my skin care routine?

Order of layering does matter. It's important to cleanse your skin every evening, to wash away the day's debris and accumulation of dead skin cells. Debris and cells left on our skin overnight can cause acne along with the look of large pores.

As a general rule, begin with the 'lightest' product and end with the 'richest.'

Following a sequence of products helps to prep your skin to receive beneficial nutrients. Using a Facial Serum or Oil first penetrates deeply, offering an array of anti-aging benefits. Ending with a moisturizer or rich cream helps to seal in all the goodness.

How To Layer Your Skin Care Products In The Right Order

Below is the order I recommend to layer each product.

After cleansing your face, I recommend the following regimen to reap the most skin-healthy benefits:

STEP 1: Toner: this vital step assists in balancing the pH of your skin. These toners are filled with so many beautiful extracts. These extracts easily go deep to prep your skin for the next steps.

STEP 2: Serum or Facial Oil: Serums and Oils are loaded with antioxidants. After your toner, this is the perfect time to apply a Serum or Oil. With Serum, place a small pump into the palm of your hand and gently pat into your skin. For facial oils, apply 3-5 drops, using the same method.

STEP 3: Moisturizers are skins natural barriers. Applying a moisturizer (a.m. and p.m.) helps keep your skin optimal and healthy. Applying a moisturizer in the evening is an important step. This is a time when our skin cells can rest and regenerate. Moisturizers more easily penetrate and heal your complexion during this time.

STEP 4: Eye Serum (if using): When I am at a show, the number one question I receive: What do you have for under eye wrinkles? Most often this is where wrinkles first show up~ but it's ok, it just means you smile a lot! Apply eye cream or serum over your moisturizer by gently using your ring finger to tap around the eye area (avoiding getting in your eye).

STEP 5: Night Cream (if using). Depending on your skin type, some of us can get away with using one moisturizer for morning and night. But if your skin is dry or mature, often a nightly face cream or rich balm offers deep hydration along with superior anti-aging properties. Skin works hardest at night while we sleep, rejuvenating and repairing cells, which is why using a night cream packed with botanical oils and extracts is highly recommended.

Applying products in the right skin care order is important, but knowing when to apply them is equally as important.

Reach out if you need guidance. I offer customized assurance on each product, knowing that your skin is as individual as you are!


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