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There is a movement happening and you are part of it.

When I make a post on social media, I will often use the hashtag: #indieskincare or #indieformulator ~but what does this mean?

Large skincare brands are famous for their marketing strategies. They have endless capital to put money behind advertising products to customers. They want you to think they are a "stand alone" brand —but in reality they are often part of a much larger conglomerate.

To read more about who owns some of the industry's best know skincare brands, click here.

Independent beauty, which is often referred to as “indie beauty,” refers to beauty and cosmetic brands that exist without any major financial backing. Small, independent brands are not owned by a larger network. As an indie beauty brand, Luminous Rose is independently owned and operated, by me.

Being an independent beauty formulator means I am at the forefront of green chemistry. As new ingredients and practices becomes available, I am able to adjust as needed. The intimate size of independent beauty brands allow businesses like Luminous Rose to be flexible and adapt to the latest movements within this industry.

My training and education has allowed me to be conscious of what goes into each of my products and be the driver behind every decision.

To read more about greenwashing in the skincare industry, click here.

Beneath the noisy hype of skincare giants, there is a beauty revolution emerging. Small cosmetic brands are disrupting the flow of skincare goliaths and you are a part of this. Buyers are demanding more honest, authentic skin and hair care products that actually work without the use of harmful ingredients.

Indie brands focus on a combination of organic, clean, and vegan ingredients with personalized service. When you have a question about one of my products, I can confidently respond because I research and make every product by hand. By being trustworthy and transparent I am able to offer high-quality skin and hair care products.

Beauty is becoming more personal than ever before. When a customer reaches out to Luminous Rose with skin sensitives or allergies, I can personally guide them to a regimen that fits their needs— and if I don't have the product needed, I am able to create a custom formula to fulfill this need.

At Luminous Rose, I am excited by the direction of truly independent skincare brands. My mission is to empower my community of customers by continuing to be a trusted resource.


Are you ready to update your skin care routine? I offer custom guidance with your skin + hair journey. Learn more at Luminous Rose.

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