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What is Greenwashing?

Updated: May 30, 2022

Greenwashing is prevalent across many industries. As an independent skin care brand, I formulate without synthetic ingredients, utilizing green chemistry; these are my standards.

My training falls under the European Standard of formulation. The EU carries out a yearly “sweep” exercise on market vigilance to protect consumers against untruthful green claims. In Europe, each packaging claim must be substantiated by either individual ingredient data or clinical trials. And no stretching of the truth can occur.

So what is greenwashing? Greenwashing is a marketing strategy aimed to persuade the general public that their product is environmentally-friendly or organic. Using 'pretty' words that make the product appear safe to the consumer. The problems happens when these companies aren't actually making these efforts— only claiming so.

Currently, in the US, we do not have regulation or clear definitions of terms like ‘natural,’ ‘eco-friendly,’ or even ‘organic.’ When it comes to beauty items, these products often contain some of the worst offenders when it comes to ingredients.

How to avoid greenwashing in skin care:

  1. The word 'Fragrance." Fragrance listed as an ingredient could encompass hundreds of ingredients that the company chooses to not list. When I see 'fragrance' listed, it raises a red flag.

  2. Listing out all ingredients. It is so important that I list out every ingredient on each of my products. Someone could be allergic to nuts or an essential oil. If I don't list each and every component, I am not being transparent. Transparency is essential to my brand.

  3. Claims of Organic. Becoming a completely organic skin care brand is very difficult to obtain. There can be components of organic within the ingredient list but obtaining organic certification is a lengthy and expensive process.

  4. Using the word 'Natural'. This really doesn't hold much value. Honestly anyone can use the word natural and still be using synthetic ingredients. Don’t just assume something is truly natural because there’s a sticker on the front label that claims so.

(Click HERE for a list of some brands utilizing greenwashing marketing)

What does formulating responsibly mean to me:

  1. Many large skin care brands utilize water as the overwhelming main ingredient. I formulate with the right mix of oil, butters, water and hydrosols to provide a balanced texture; non-greasy and effective results; utilizing the synergistic power of plants.

  2. There is not and will never be any synthetic ingredients in any of Luminous Rose products.

  3. Being truthful and transparent are part of my Ethos.

I take my ethos very seriously as it guides my products, innovation and everyday practices.

Are you ready to update your skin care routine? I offer custom guidance with your skin + hair journey. Learn more at Luminous Rose.

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