RECOMMENDED FOR: Dry, Combination, Aging

BENEFIT: Line Reduction, Anti-aging, Hydration


A rich moisturizer that sinks deeply into skin, repairing free radical damage and restoring vibrancy. A super-nourishing and elegant face cream that will give your skin a fresh glow. This antioxidant-rich cream is formulated with three beautiful, healing essential oils. The aroma will penetrate your mind, body and spirit.


Rock Rose, which is a sweet, earthy, warm scent with fresh herbal notes. This helps bring closure to both new and old emotional wounds. 


Rosewood, which has woodsy and rosy floral notes. This softens your heart and invites spiritual healing that permeates your whole experience of life. 


Rose, which is a sweet floral aroma~ beautiful and romantic. This is the Queen of oils. This oil gives you emotional comfort and enlivens your heart.


Also included is pursalane that is harvested from our Farm. Rare Kpangnan butter and Macadamia butter are blended along with infused Elderberry Extract into this beautiful Face Cream.


It’s the perfect treat for evening use.


1 oz amber jar.

Trinity of Roses Face Cream

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  • Rose Hydrosol, Kpangnan Butter, Macadamia Butter, Ucuuba Butter, Babassu, Oat Oil, Purslane and Evening Primrose Oil

    Vegan and Plant-based

About Me 

My Mission is to change the way we think about beauty products. We focus on the health effects of what we ingest but neglect the health effects of what we put on our body. I formulate in my belief that we must seek Fresh Beauty.
~ Maria, Founder and Formulator

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